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As Gencay Insaat we manufacture and supply door, doors, glazed doors, american doors, wooden doors, solid doors, furniture doors, lacquer doors, melamine doors, laminate doors, sliding doors, miracle doors, folding doors, accordion doors, american glazed doors, solid glazed doors, furniture glazed doors, lacquer glazed doors, melamine glazed doors, sash doors, french doors, glazed door, american door, wooden door, solid door, furniture door, lacquer door, melamine door, laminate door, sliding door, miracle door, folding door, accordion door, american glazed door, solid glazed door, furniture glazed door, lacquer glazed door, melamine glazed door, sash door, french door... For the purpose of protecting from dangers and climate conditions, securing shelters; humankind developed lots of tools, this securing fact which starts from stone and developes with the usage of metal and wood has been an artistic element which people and civilizations express themselves. People gives significant importance on doors which has been irreplaceable element of Turkish and world architectures, as much as on exterior sides of buildings and in some works doors have been much more important than other sides of buildings. Mission of ISTANBUL KAPI is to make a new beginning on your life with its exclusive door designs... We designed various doors which are different from each others for you, all kinds of doors in various colours and different designs are manufactured in first class quality with high technological machinery in our factory. Starting to give services as a company of being one of the foundation of ‘GENCAY INSAAT’, ISTANBUL KAPI developed in door industry in a short time and has reached its institutional identification with its success by taking apart from its substructural identification. Company has been among the reliable companies in a while with the support of solution partners besides with the help of experience and knowledge of its professional and technical staff. We as ISTANBUL KAPI presents our door models for your regard which will sparkle your eyes with their brights, bring luxury in your life with its quality.

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